Guidelines for Planning Field Trips

1. Approval & Report

Complete and return the Field Trip Report Form to the Office of Risk Management & Insurance:

—Before field trip, complete and return first part of Field Trip Report Form to Risk Management & Insurance 

  • Provide basic information about planned trip: sponsoring department, dates, times, place(s), purpose, attendance, roster, etc.
  • If you determine that it is important to obtain supplemental accident insurance for the students participating in the field trip (either paid for by your department or by the participants), contact Risk Management & Insurance (704‑687‑5711)  to make such arrangements.
  • Fund number for insurance premium
2. Activity/Field Trip Release

The Activity/Field Trip Release, Hold Harmless, and Behavioral Agreement is intended as both a planning tool for faculty/staff and as a tool to inform field trip participants about the potential risks and the participants' responsibilities during the trip. Reasonable care should be taken in planning any field trip, and the risks or precautions particular to each field trip should be evaluated in advance. Each participant or parent/guardian of a minor participant should be fully informed of the potential risks involved.

The following are suggested steps to take in planning a field trip:

  1. Review the field trip plans with Risk Management & Insurance (704‑687‑5711) to determine if there will be any particular risks or precautions and if so, how to minimize those risks.
  2. Discuss the potential risks and precautions with students in advance of the trip.
  3. Modify the Activity/Field Trip Release, Hold Harmless, and Behavioral Agreement to suit the field trip, being as specific as possible about unique or particular risks involved.
  4. Add vaccination requirements to the Activity/Field Trip Release, Hold Harmless, and Behavioral Agreement if necessary (e.g., rabies shots).
  5. If the field trip is for credit or is a required element of the course, offer alternative projects or activities to those students who are unable to participate in the field trip because they (or the parents/guardians of minor students) choose not to sign the Activity/Field Trip Release, Hold Harmless, and Behavioral Agreement.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about the safety or legal aspects planning a field trip, please contact Risk Management & Insurance (704‑687‑5711) or the Office of Legal Affairs (704‑687‑5732).

NOTE ABOUT INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL:  The Field Trip Acknowledgement of Risk and Consent for Treatment Form is intended to be used for domestic field trips only.  If the planned excursion involves international travel, please contact the Office of Education Abroad (704‑687‑7747).