Location of Student Education Records

Attachment A, University Policy 402 - Student Education Records (FERPA)

A. Academic Records
B. Student Conduct Records

Office of the Dean of Students, King Building

C. Student Employment Records

Department of Human Resources, King Building

D. Financial Aid Records

Director of Student Financial Aid, Reese Building

E. Career Center Records

Director of University Career Center, Atkins Building

F. Records Relating to International Students

Director of International Student/Scholar Office, College of Health and Human Services Building

G. Records Relating to Student Athletes

Director of Athletics, Student Activities Center

H. Records Relating to Students in the ROTC Program
I. Admissions Records
J. Student Accounts Records

Student Accounts Office, Reese Building

K. Residence Hall Records

Director of Residence Life, Scott Hall

L. Disability Services Records

Director of Disability Services, Fretwell Building

M. University Identification Card Pictures

49er Card Office, Auxiliary Services Building