New & Revised Policies

University Policy 102.13 , Tenure Policies, Regulations, and Procedures of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte

  April 25, 2024

Status: Revised

On April 25, 2024, the UNC Charlotte Board of Trustees approved revisions to University Policy 102.13, Tenure Policies, Regulations, and Procedures, to align the Policy with recent revisions to the Code of the University of North Carolina (Sections 603 and 604)Regulation on Disciplinary Discharge, Suspension, or Demotion Under Section 603 of The Code ([R]); and Regulation on Non-Reappointment, Denial of Tenure, and Denial of Promotion Under Section 604 of The Code ([R]).

Final approval by the President of the University of North Carolina, as required by UNC Code Section 602.8, is pending.

University Policy 309, Responding to Allegations of Misconduct in Research and Scholarship

  January 17, 2024

Status: Revised

University Policy 309, Responding to Allegations of Misconduct in Research and Scholarship, has been revised in response to a request by the federal Office of Research Integrity (ORI), based on current Federal Regulations.  Additional revisions include clarifying the Vice Chancellor for Research’s role as UNC Charlotte’s Deciding Official (DO) and removal of the requirement in the Procedures to complete a preliminary assessment regarding allegations of research misconduct within one week.

University Policy 101.4 , Concurrent Employment of Related Persons

  November 8, 2023

Status: Revised

University Policy 101.4, Concurrent Emplyment of Related Persons, has been revised to update the definition of “related persons”; clarify the limitations on concurrent service, supervision, review, evaluation, etc. of related persons, while being cognizant of issues related to trailing spouses; add explicit provisions about conflicts of interest and commitment; clarify procedures for disclosure and review of related relationships; and clarify procedures for relationships between faculty, professional staff, or any other related person working on sponsored research projects.

University Policy 602.9 , Naming Opportunities

  September 27, 2023

Status: Revised

The revised and rewritten University Policy 602.9, Naming Opportunities, defines naming authority as related to type and gift size; addresses corporate naming term limits and the useful life of facilities; rarefies honorary namings; implements naming agreements; and provides guidance related to donation status.

University Policy 102.5 , Emeritus Faculty and Senior Academic & Administrative Officers

  September 6, 2023

Status: Revised

University Policy 102.5, Emeritus Faculty and Senior Academic and Administrative Officers, has been revised to clarify retirement eligiblity; define “retirement” based on the Human Resources definition; add an exception in certain cases of faculty resignation without retirement; clarify the conferral authority and process; update the privileges of emeritus status; and add a provision regarding removal of emeritus status.

University Policy 720, Threat Assessment and Management

  September 6, 2023

Status: Newly Approved

University Policy 720, Threat Assessment and Management, is a new Policy that compiles in one place information related to the University’s threat assessment and management program, including information about relevant evaluation standards, reporting procedures, responsible officials and committees, and applicable related policies.

University Policy 602.12 , Revenue Generating Activities

  August 30, 2023

Status: Newly Approved

Because UNC Charlotte is a public institution with stewardship responsibility for public funds, the purpose of the new University Policy 602.12, Revenue Generating Activities, is to promote effective oversight and administration of revenue generating activities throughout the University. Prior to engaging in any revenue generating activity at the University (other than charges for tuition and fees; charges for Auxiliary services; external support for research through grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements; or gifts to the University through the Division of University Advancement), the University official, department, college, or unit must consult with Financial Services, the Budget Office, and the Office of Legal Affairs to confirm the proposed activity is permissible and consistent with the University’s mission of teaching, research, and outreach.

University Policy 314, Centers and Institutes

  August 3, 2023

Status: Revised

University Policy 314, Centers and Institutes, has been revised to reflect institutional restructuring resulting in the Division of Research becoming a division separate from Academic Affairs. In addition, these revisions make the appointment of the Centers and Institutes Committee (CIC) optional rather than mandatory, at the discretion of the Vice Chancellor for Research.

University Policy 102.16 , Performance Bonuses for Permanent EHRA Employees

  April 27, 2023

Status: Newly Approved

University Policy 102.16, Performance Bonuses for Permanent EHRA Employees, sets forth specific definitions and procedures for the payment of performance bonuses to permanent EHRA faculty and EHRA non-faculty UNC Charlotte employees. Performance bonuses may be awarded only for an employee’s extraordinary achievements in the course and scope of their University employment, as defined in this Policy. Any such bonuses will be paid only in accordance with the provisions of this Policy. This Policy is intended to meet the requirements for performance-based bonuses as outlined by UNC Board of Governors Regulation 300.2.14.2[R].

University Policy 409, Religious Accommodation for Students

  April 26, 2023

Status: Revised

University Policy 409, Religious Accommodation for Students, has been revised to broaden the scope of the Policy from only academic accommodations to any religious accommodation requested by a student and to incorporate the new Office of Civil Rights and Title IX into the process. The requirement that students use a specific form to submit a religious accommodation request has been removed.