University Supplies, Equipment, and Materials

University Policy: 
Executive Summary: 

Supplies, equipment, and materials purchased for the University which should be used or expended only in the exercise of official responsibilities on behalf of the University.

Supplies, equipment, and materials purchased for The University of North Carolina at Charlotte should be used or expended only in the exercise of official responsibilities in behalf of the University. It is improper, for example, to use UNC Charlotte stationery for private purposes, or to use an automobile owned by the University for private business or pleasure. The duplicating services of the various departments, colleges, or divisions of the University are likewise purchased and maintained for University business. Each administrative officer should take care that the equipment under his supervision is used in the support of the educational effort.

The telephones at the University are installed for University business. No personal long-distance telephone calls should be charged to either the DAIN or Southern Bell University accounts. If it is necessary to make a personal long-distance telephone call using one of the University telephones, it should be charged to the individual's home telephone by making a third number call. If for some reason a personal call is charged to the University, it is the responsibility of the individual placing or receiving the call to reimburse his departmental account within five days of the telephone bill. Under no circumstance should the DAIN system be used for personal calls. Local personal calls should be held to a minimum.

The machine to meter mail is paid for by the University, and the postage it registers is billed to the University. Personal mail should, therefore, not be metered.

It is impossible to define every proper and improper use of University supplies and equipment. This policy statement is to announce the broad principle: If there is doubt about the propriety of a projected use of supplies, equipment, or materials advice should be sought from appropriate administrative officials.

Revision History: 

Initially approved October 3, 1979

Authority: Chancellor

Responsible Office: Business Affairs