Legal Advice

The Office of Legal Affairs (OLA) provides comprehensive legal advice and assistance to the UNC Charlotte Board of Trustees, the Chancellor, the other senior administrators of the University, and through them, to the University’s faculty and staff, only on legal matters involving or affecting the institution.  

The OLA advises the University on the legal implications of proposed policies and actions and on compliance with state and federal laws and regulations and UNC policies. The OLA drafts and reviews University contracts and other legal documents and is also available to provide educational services, including training programs on legal and policy matters, for any University constituency.

The OLA is responsible for selecting, engaging, and supervising any outside counsel engaged by the institution and coordinates all litigation conducted by the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office on behalf of the University. No attorneys other than those in the OLA, outside counsel engaged by OLA, or the NC Attorney General's Office are authorized to provide legal advice to the University.

All work done by the OLA is done in a professional, collegial, and timely manner with a view toward ensuring that the University fulfills its mission and achieves its goals.

See the Office of Legal Affairs FAQs for more information.

NOTE: The Office of Legal Affairs does not advise administrators, faculty, staff, or students on any personal legal matters.