New & Revised Policies

University Policy 204, Textbooks and Instructional Materials

  July 24, 2015

Status: Revised

This policy revision consolidates former University Policy 204, Textbook and Educational Material Adoption, with former University Policy 205, Preparation and Sale of Instructional Materials, which is rescinded.  This consolidation reduces redundancy and duplication between the two policies and clarifies faculty responsibilities.  The new consolidated policy recognizes the need to reduce the cost of instructional materials to students, in compliance with federal, UNC Board of Governors, and UNC General Administration guidelines that request campuses to find ways to lower textbook costs for students.  These changes are all in keeping with the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (enacted in response to increasing costs associated with higher education, including costs of course materials), and with the UNC Board of Governors and General Administration’s mandates on textbook affordability practices for all UNC campuses.

University Policy 101.22 , Flexible Work and Telework Arrangements for SHRA and EHRA Non-Faculty Employees

  July 23, 2015

Status: Newly Approved

University Policy 101.22, Flexible Work and Telework Arrangements for SPA and EPA Non-Faculty Employees, offers University administrators and managers a tool to structure flexible work arrangements, when appropriate. A flexible work arrangement should not be approved if it would disrupt the operational or staffing needs of a department. Key components of this new policy are: (1) teleworking is not an employee right; (2) University management may terminate a telework arrangement at its sole discretion; and, (3) the termination of a telework arrangement is not a grievable employment action under University or State policies. Teleworking arrangements that will be in place for more than ninety days must be recommended for approval by department and division administrators, and then pre-approved by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources, prior to implementation. Teleworking arrangements will be approved for a maximum period of one year and successful arrangements will be considered for renewal.

University Policy 101.17 , Workplace Violence

  June 22, 2015

Status: Revised

University Policy 101.17, Workplace Violence has been revised and rewritten by (1) adding definitions for bullying, domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking; (2) updating all definitions in accordance with NC Office of State Personnel language; (3) adding provisions clarifying the role of the Title IX Coordinator, including guidance on responding to victims of workplace violence in terms of flexible work arrangements and offering assistance in obtaining protective orders; and (4) adding a section on Domestic Violence.

University Policy 102.13 , Tenure Policies, Regulations, and Procedures of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte

  May 20, 2015

Status: Revised

University Policy 102.13, Tenure Policies, Regulations, and Procedures, has been revised to improve the clarity and consistency of the RPT process and documents.  These revisions include (a) adding the definition of “dossier” and (b) clarifying what is contained in the “review file." In addition, these revisions remove the Chancellor from the review process to reflect current practice of the Provost making final reappointment, promotion, and tenure decisions, with appeals of those decisions going to the Chancellor.  These revisions were approved by the UNC Charlotte Board of Trustees on December 4, 2014 and by the President of The University of North Carolina (as required by Section 602 of the Code of the University of North Carolina) on May 20, 2015.

University Policy 101.21 , Organizational Charts

  May 8, 2015

Status: Newly Approved

This new University Policy 101.21, Organizational Charts, was developed in consultation with Academic Affairs, and specifically Institutional Research, to comply with various SACS standards requiring that institutions have published organizational structures and charts. This new policy sets forth requirements for each unit on campus to establish and maintain organizational charts both to show reporting lines and unit structure.

University Policy 602.11 , Gifts, Awards, and Prizes

  April 14, 2015

Status: Newly Approved

This new University Policy 101.18, Gifts, Awards, and Prizes, is necessitated by federal tax reporting requirements related to gifts, and by the numerous categories of gift recipients. This policy covers the types of awards, gifts and raffles that have occurred on campus and includes the appropriate compliance steps that must be taken when conducting such activities. In addition, the policy clarifies that pursuant to NC law, the University is permitted to hold only two raffles per calendar year. This policy clarifies that any University unit or department is considered “the University” for purposes of the two-raffle limit. 

University Policy 602.10 , Mobile Communication Device Allowances

  April 1, 2015

Status: Revised

University Policy 317, Mobile Communication Device Allowances, has been revised to reflect the following:

  • Updated OSBM/IRS guidance makes payment of MCD allowances for “Substantial Non-Compensatory Business Reasons” nontaxable instead of taxable.
  • OSBM guidance also now requires employees to submit specific documentation (e.g., monthly bill) annually to show that the MCD allowance does not exceed expenses actually incurred.
  • Updated definition of MCDs to include smartphones and tablets and clarify that this policy only applies to devices with associated service plans.
  • Clarify definitions of ‘Department’ and ‘Department Head’
  • Make the MCD allowance the primary, preferred ‘option’ for payments by the University related to employee use of MCDs.
  • ITS/Telecommunications will no longer centrally manage University-owned MCDs. Departments must therefore manage any University-owned devices internally and provide business justification documentation to Business Affairs.

University Policy 701, Adverse Weather and Emergency Events

  March 26, 2015

Status: Revised

Revisions to University Policy 701, Campus Operation Status, Including Adverse Weather and Emergency Events, clarify provisions regarding teleworking and non-teleworking employees in Sections 3.B and 3.C.

University Policy 805, University Policy Development, Approval, and Publication

  March 24, 2015

Status: Newly Approved

This new University Policy 805 establishes clear guidance on how official University Policies should be drafted, reviewed, revised, and approved. The supplemental procedures provide more explicit steps for implementing the new policy.

University Policy 101.5 , Equal Employment Opportunity

  March 12, 2015

Status: Revised

University Policy 101.5, Equal Employment Opportunity, has been revised to be consistent with other related University Policies, including University Policy 501, Nondiscrimination and Procedures for Addressing Reports of Discrimination.