New & Revised Policies

University Policy 102.7 , Personnel Policies for Designated Employment Exempt from the State Human Resources Act

  January 7, 2014

Status: Revised

This Policy is revised in response to recommendations by the current EPA Non-Faculty staff grievance review panel, to make references to the administrative grievance procedure in the policy more clear to both the review panel and grievant. 

University Policy 101.23 , Employment-Related Background Checks and Criminal Activity Reporting

  December 6, 2013

Status: Newly Approved

On December 6, 2013, Chancellor Dubois approved a new University Policy 101.23, Employment-Related Background Checks and Criminal Activity Reporting.  This new policy addresses the University’s need to formalize: (a) when and under what conditions criminal background checks are conducted on University employees, contractors, and volunteers; and (b) when and to whom an employee is expected to report a criminal conviction.


University Policy 804, Standards of Ethical Conduct

  October 11, 2013

Status: Newly Approved

This new Policy sets forth UNC Charlotte’s commitment to ethical, legal, and professional behavior in all dealings both inside and outside the University.  It is applicable to all members of the University community.

University Policy 702, Weapons on Campus

  October 8, 2013

Status: Revised

These revisions are intended to bring this policy into compliance with new State law (HB 937, Session Law 2013-369) permitting concealed handguns in locked vehicles on campus, as well as several other changes in state law since the policy was last revised.  The addition of definitions in the policy further clarifies how the law applies on campus.

University Policy 102.1 , External Professional Activities of Faculty and Other Professional Staff

  September 18, 2013

Status: Updated

This policy has been updated to include references to a newly created online Notice of Intent to Engage in External Professional Activities for Pay form.

University Policy 704, Animals on Campus

  September 18, 2013

Status: Revised

The revisions to this policy address the evolving intersection of several federal statutes, as well as recent case law and federal guidance, and their application in the campus setting.

University Policy 101.13 , RESCINDED

  September 5, 2013

Status: Rescinded

This policy has been removed, as it is outdated and no longer relevant under current University policies and practices.

University Policy 706, Alcoholic Beverages

  August 26, 2013

Status: Revised

This Policy has been rewritten to address changes in State law and University policies and procedures. The Policy includes updated definitions, approving authorities, and event types and locations, as well as a new Tailgating Policy.

University Policy 707, Smoking and Use of Tobacco Products on University Property

  August 2, 2013

Status: Revised

The revised policy clarifies that “e-cigarettes” and other similar nicotine vapor inhalers are included in the definition of “smoking,” and such inhalers are therefore subject to the provisions of the policy applicable to other lighted tobacco products.    

University Policy 205, Preparation and Sale of Instructional Materials

  July 30, 2013

Status: Revised

These revisions emphasize that sale of course packs directly to students is not permitted, while adding clarifying language and referring directly to the conflict of interest and copyright policies rather than restating policy information found in existing policies. The revisions also add language requesting that faculty submit a copy of all course-packs to the campus store, even if they print with off-campus shops.  This provides a convenience for our students by letting them opt to make all their purchases at once – on campus – and allows students to take full advantage of bookstore programs like the tax-free pre-pack service offered in the summer.