Revision of University Policy 701, Adverse Weather and Emergency Events

Effective Date: 
Tuesday, October 18, 2016

University Policy 701, Adverse Weather and Emergency Events, has been revised to be consistent with the new terminology used by OSHR and UNC System policies regarding Condition 1 (Reduced Operations), Condition 2 (Suspended Operations), and Condition 3 (Closure) statuses. The categories in the previous policy (OS 1 (Normal), OS 2 (Adverse Weather), and OS 3 (Emergency Event)) are no longer accurate, and the University will no longer have nomenclature for “Normal” status. 

Most notably, there is now a significant threshold between Condition 2 (Suspended Operations) and Condition 3 (Closure). The OSHR and UNC system policies require "non-mandatory employees" who choose not to work under Condition 2 (Suspended Operations) to use compensatory and/or vacation for time not worked during C2.  Condition 3 (Closure) is limited to events that pose the most severe risks to health and safety or present the most difficult logistical challenges that will severely impede the efficient and effective functioning of the University, and requires approval by the UNC System President.