New & Revised Policies

University Policy 101.26 , Sign-On and Retention Bonuses for Permanent Employees

  February 8, 2023

Status: Newly Approved

The UNC System has authorized system institutions to provide sign-on and retention bonuses for permanent employees to attract and retain a competitive, qualified workforce if they institute a policy governing such programs. The UNC Charlotte Board of Trustees has approved University Policy 101.26, Sign-On and Retention Bonuses for Permanent Employees, which documents the parameters for such a sign-on and retention bonus program at UNC Charlotte, including eligibility requirements and approval processes.

University Policy 701, Emergency Management

  January 10, 2023

Status: Revised

This Policy has been rewritten and retitled to accurately reflect the updated and rewritten Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). Specifically, the revisions include:

  • Focusing the Policy on University efforts for emergency response and the importance of preparedness for the campus community;
  • Referencing applicable governing laws and regulations as well as current University Emergency Management Plans;
  • Formalizing the establishment of the University’s Emergency Management program;
  • Setting out clear procedures, roles, and responsibilities for Emergency Management;
  • Outlining the use and levels of Operating Conditions based on UNC System requirements;
  • Moving the detailed descriptions of Operating Conditions and their impact on employees to PIM 12, “Accounting for Time Not Worked Due to Hazardous Weather or Other Unusual Conditions.”

University Policy 311.2 , Financial Information Security Program Regulation (GLBA)

  December 13, 2022

Status: Revised

University Policy 311.2, including the Policy title, has been revised to reflect adjustments in internal financial information security procedures in compliance with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), and a new supplemental “Financial Information Security Program (GLBA)” document is established to implement the Policy.

University Policy 601.6 , Scheduling University Facilities

  December 13, 2022

Status: Revised

University Policy 601.6 has been revised to clarify certain standards for space reservations and signage, as well as to specify certain conditions of Expressive Activity without space reservations related to the safety of both the University community and visitors.

University Policy 702, Weapons on Campus

  November 11, 2022

Status: Revised

University Policy 702, Weapons on Campus, has been revised to provide certain limited exceptions based on accommodations for religious practices.

University Policy 101.1 , Tuition and Fees Privileges for Eligible Faculty and Staff

  September 15, 2022

Status: Revised

The Board of Trustees has approved revisions to University Policy 101.1, Tuition and Fees Privileges for Eligible Faculty and Staff, that are primarily focused on statutory and UNC System Policy changes in 2021 that extend to certain sworn University law enforcement officers the opportunity to enroll in unlimited courses free of tuition and fees. Other eligible employees are limited to enrollment in three courses per year. The University has been implementing this new authority since last fall, but these revisions are necessary to align our Policy with practice.

University Policy 406, Code of Student Responsibility

  August 15, 2022

Status: Revised

The Chancellor has approved interim revisions to the Code of Student Responsibility that:

  • Update terminology by replacing the term “conduct” with the term “accountability” or “behavior,” and replacing the term “sanctions” with “outcomes.”
  • Remove policies and procedures related to discrimination, discriminatory harassment, and sexual or interpersonal misconduct, which are handled under University Policy 501, NondiscriminationUniversity Policy 502, Sexual Misconduct and Interpersonal Violence; and University Policy 504, Title IX Grievance Policy.
  • Add “Alternative Resolutions” to allow for a “full spectrum” approach that includes adjudicatory and alternative resolution options for addressing behavior.
  • Add an “Outcome-Only” hearing option for cases where a student takes responsibility for their behavior, but is in disagreement with the outcomes proposed through a Mutual Resolution.
  • Consolidate all information about Student Organizations into a separate chapter.
  • Create a supplemental, detailed “Procedures for Case Resolution” to remove unnecessary detail from the Code and to provide clear information on the Accountability Process and resolution options.  

University Policy 501, Nondiscrimination

  July 7, 2022

Status: Revised

University Policy 501, Nondiscrimination, has been simplified, and the prohibition on discrimination or discriminatory harassment by any member of the University community has been clarified. This Policy applies to students, faculty, and staff. All employees are required to report alleged violations of the Policy. ​The Office of Civil Rights and Title IX will have more detailed procedural documents available on its website for different classes of respondents.  

University Policy 403, [RESCINDED - Student Appeals and Grievances]

  July 5, 2022

Status: Rescinded

University Policy 403, Student Appeals and Grievances, has been rescinded. The substance of the former policy is posted on the Dean of Students' website as a resource for students.

University Policy 501.2 , [RESCINDED - Regulation Regarding Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, or Transgender Status]

  July 1, 2022

Status: Rescinded

University Policy 501.2 has been rescinded, because its substance is now captured in University Policy 501, Nondiscrimination.