To notify students that you will be recording class sessions:

Class sessions will all be audio- and/or video-recorded for the purposes of student-participant reference and access by other students enrolled in the same course (including students enrolled in different class sections or break-out groups). Student consent to being recorded during class is a condition of class participation. If you do not consent to being recorded during class, you will need to deactivate your video camera, keep your mute button activated, and participate only via the chat feature, but please note that such actions may have a negative impact on any portion of your grade that is based on class participation. Students are not permitted to make their own recordings of class sessions or to share or distribute University recordings of class sessions. NOTE: Students with specific electronic recording accommodations authorized by the Office of Disability Services may record classes; however, the instructor must be notified of any such accommodation prior to recording. Any distribution of such recordings is prohibited.