UNC Charlotte Public Bodies Subject to Open Meetings Requirements

Updated September 19, 2022

Open Meetings Compliance Guidelines

Pursuant to University Policy 605.7, Open Meetings Requirements, a "public body" is any elected or appointed authority, board, commission, committee, council, or other body of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte that (1) is composed of two or more members and (2) exercises or is authorized to exercise a legislative, policy-making, quasi-judicial, administrative, or advisory function. Consistent with the Board of Governors interpretations of open meetings requirements, the following groups at UNC Charlotte are public bodies:

  1. Groups established by or at the direction of the Chancellor and/or a Vice Chancellor, if all of the following characteristics apply:
  • The membership does not consist exclusively of administrative officers of the University;
  • It is composed of two or more members;
  • Its designated function or subject-matter jurisdiction is University-wide; and
  • It is expressly authorized or directed--
    • to legislate, make policy, adjudicate, or take administrative action, or
    • to make findings concerning or to recommend legislative, policy-making, quasi-judicial, or administrative action.
  1. The University of North Carolina at Charlotte Board of Trustees and its committees.
  2. The following UNC Charlotte groups established pursuant to The Code of the Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina: Faculty Council, Hearing Committee, and Grievance Committee.

UNC Charlotte Board of Trustees Standing Committees

Public Body Chair
Academics and Student Life Committee Brett Keeter
Advancement and Public Relations Committee Teross Young
Audit, Compliance, & Enterprise Risk Management Committee Christine Katziff
Executive Committee Susan DeVore
Finance and Physical Properties Committee Fred Klein

Public Body Committees Appointed by or at the Direction of the Chancellor

Public Body Chair Delegate
Chancellor's Advisory Committee for Intercollegiate Athletics Jeffrey Leak Sharon Gaber
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Council Brandon Wolfe Sharon Gaber
Faculty Patent Committee Stuart Smith Richard Tankersley
Niner University Elementary (NUE) Advisory Board Malcolm Butler Sharon Gaber
Student Activity Fees Commission Tiera Ray Kevin Bailey
Tuition and Fees Advisory Board  SGA President Kevin Bailey

Public Body Committees under the Administrative Umbrella of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Public Body Chair
Faculty Council  Susan Harden
Grievance Committee  K.R. Subramanian
Hearing Committee  Daniel Dupre
Nomination, Honors, and Awards Committee  Badrul Chowdhury
Student Academic Integrity Board Bruce Long

Public Body Committees Appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs

Public Body Chair
Contractor and Construction Manager at Risk Selection Committees  Rich Amon or designee
Designer Selection Committees  Rich Amon or designee
Tuition, Housing, Dining Appeals Committee  Larry Gourdine
Set-Off Debt Collection Act Appeals Committee N/A

Public Body Committees Appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Research

Public Body Chair
Export Control Committee Richard Tankersley
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Yvette Huet-Hudson
Institutional Biosafety Committee Todd Steck
Institutional Review Board M. Lyn Exum

Public Bodies Elected or Appointed Under Authority Derived from the Chancellor through the Constitution of the Student Body

Student Government Association Leadership
Executive Branch (Cabinet) Richard "Dick" Beekman, President of the Student Body
Legislative Branch (Senate)
Jonathan Mitchell, Speaker of the Senate
Judicial Branch
Ryan Boleware, Chief Justice
Public Body Leadership
Student Activity Fees Commission
Donna Goodenow, Chair
Campus Activities Board
Erica Kelly, President
Student Media Board Brad Kathman, Chair
Graduate and Professional Student Government
Alex Suptela, President