Consent Forms for Release of Student Information

Disclosure of a student's confidential education records requires prior written consent of the student (unless disclosure is permitted under certain exceptions to FERPA set forth in Section 99.31 of the FERPA Regulations). A student's written consent may be obtained by using the applicable form below.

Guest Access Portal  - As a student, you may grant view-only access to a specified parent and/or guest using the UNC Charlotte Guest Access Portal located securely within Banner Self-Service

More information about that service is available at

Special Circumstances FERPA Consent Form - For situations not covered by the Guest Access Portal (GAP) (e.g., single meetings when a parent or other third party sits in, when discussing records not accessible through GAP, or when discussing more detailed information than what is viewable in GAP).

Consent for Letters of Recommendation/Evaluation - In order to submit recommendations or evaluations in accordance with FERPA regulations, school officials must request that students submit this authorization/waiver or its equivalent prior to providing FERPA-protected student information to third parties.

Verification Letter - Use this form for verification when a third party has requested education records, and it is not clear that the student has consented to such disclosure in writing. Fill in the blanks on this sample letter then send to student. Do not release a student's records to the requesting party until he/she responds to this letter.  

For classroom recordings (see FAQs here) - Consent to Release Student Information in Classroom Recordings

Office of Civil Rights and Title IX FERPA form - Students may choose to complete and submit this form to the Office of Civil Rights and Title IX allowing the release of their education records to specified third parties.