Securing Rights to Perform Music

University Policy: 
Executive Summary: 

Members of the University community who perform or cause the performance of copyrighted music are responsible for assuring compliance with copyright laws as well as the specific administration requirements listed in this Policy Statement.

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte will abide by the provisions of the Copyright Act of 1976 and by its contractual arrangements with music performance licensing agencies in the performance of music presented under University auspices. Each member of the University community who performs or causes the performance of copyrighted music is responsible for assuring compliance with that law and with those agreements as well as the requirements of this policy statement. The agreements are available for inspection in the Budget Office.


Procedures and Regulations

For any live musical performance (regardless of fees paid to performer) under University auspices for which a printed program listing musical selections is prepared, the individual responsible for causing the performance is responsible for assuring that a copy of such program is delivered to the Budget Office before or within five days after such performance.   The Budget Office shall be responsible for maintaining records of musical performances and for forwarding such records of performances and enrollment and such fees as are required under current contractual arrangements with music licensing agencies. In doubtful circumstances, the responsible individual should confer with the Office of Legal Affairs well in advance of the performance concerning proper interpretation of the law, the contractual arrangements, and this University policy statement.  

Revision History: 

Initially approved June 2, 1980
Revised March 3, 2003