Alumni Association

University Policy: 
Executive Summary: 

The General Alumni Association of The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is the recognized official alumni association. This policy details procedures and regulations applicable to The Alumni Association.

The Alumni Association of The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is the recognized official alumni organization and is a not-for-profit corporation registered with the State of North Carolina and the United States Internal Revenue Service.   Procedures and Regulations

  1. All activities of the Alumni Association are to be coordinated through the University's Alumni Office and by the Director of Alumni Affairs. The official records of the Association, roster of membership, and alumni lists shall be maintained by the Office of Alumni Affairs.

  2. All donations and gifts by alumni to the University or to the Alumni Association are to be channeled through the University's Development Office and deposited to the Excellence Fund or the University's Alumni Association Account. Gifts may be made to either fund by non-alumni. Matching gifts are encouraged. Procedures for recording, depositing, and reporting funds received from alumni are to be implemented by the Development Office.

  3. The Alumni Affairs Office shall promote chapters among the academic areas of the University. These chapters shall follow the guidelines set forth in the UNC Charlotte Alumni Association Constitution.

  4. The University encourages members of the University community to make the Alumni Association known to current students so they may become active members upon graduation.

  5. The Alumni Association may provide travel opportunities as well as other services and products for alumni, students, and faculty.

  6. The Alumni Affairs Office shall maintain current records of graduates and shall make such records available to colleges of the University for official University business.

  7. The Alumni Affairs Office shall act as the liaison between the University and the Alumni Association.

  8. Funding for operations of the Alumni Association will be approved by the Chancellor and will be allocated from private monies donated to and maintained by the UNC Charlotte Foundation.

  9. Funds allocated to the Alumni Association by the University will be managed by the Sponsored Programs Office under the Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs.


Revision History: 

Initially approved July 25, 1977
Revised August 16, 1999