Weapons on Campus

University Policy: 
Executive Summary: 

It is a violation of State criminal law and University policy to possess or carry any Weapon, as defined below, on the University Campus, except as otherwise specifically provided by law. 

I.          Policy

It is a violation of State criminal law and University policy to possess or carry any Weapon, as defined below, on the University Campus, except as otherwise specifically provided by law. Violators will be referred for criminal prosecution, and faculty, staff, or student violations are also subject to University disciplinary action.

II.         Definitions

As used within this Policy, the following terms have the meanings provided below.

1.     Campus: All property owned or leased by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

2.     Vehicle:  A self-contained motorized passenger vehicle that may be entered, exited, and locked, such as a car or truck, and not including motorcycles, mopeds, or scooters.

3.     Weapon: Weapons include, but are not limited to, all firearms; explosive agents; fireworks; chemicals such as mace and tear gas (if used in an illegal manner); air or canister propelled guns such as BB guns, pellet guns, and paintball guns; tasers or stun guns; metallic knuckles; switchblade knives; martial arts weapons; any object or substance used, attempted to be used, or intended to inflict a wound, cause injury, or incapacitate; or any other “weapon” as defined by N.C.G.S. §14-269.2.

III.        Policy Details

It is a violation of State criminal law (NCGS 14-269.2) and University policy to possess or carry any Weapon on the University Campus, except under the following circumstances:

  1. Law enforcement personnel, firefighters, emergency service personnel, and military personnel, carrying out their official duties;
  2. A registered armed armored car service guard or registered armed courier service guard with the permission of the University;
  3. Ceremonial or educational uses specifically authorized by the Chancellor;
  4. A handgun on the premises of the residence of a University employee whose residence is a detached, single-family dwelling on Campus in which only the employee and their immediate family reside, but only as specifically provided in NCGS 14-269.2(i);
  5. A person who has a legally valid concealed handgun permit or who is exempt from obtaining such a permit under State law, who has a handgun in a closed compartment or container within the person’s locked Vehicle or in a locked container securely affixed to the person’s Vehicle. A person may unlock the Vehicle to enter or exit the Vehicle, provided the handgun remains in the closed compartment at all times and the Vehicle is locked immediately following the entrance or exit, as provided in NCGS 14-269.2(k). Any such Vehicle, when locked, must be parked in accordance with applicable University policies and Parking Ordinances;
  6. Edged instruments that are articles of faith (e.g., kirpans) and that might otherwise be considered Weapons under this Policy are permitted on campus provided that the blade length of the article is less than three inches and the blade is worn close to the body in a sheath at all times. If individuals would like to request religious accommodations for instruments with longer blades or any other items prohibited under this Policy, they may contact the Office of Civil Rights and Title IX for assistance.

IV.        Procedures

Any person who witnesses a violation of this Policy should report such violation immediately to Police and Public Safety.  Any violation of this Policy will be referred for criminal prosecution and for appropriate University disciplinary action applicable to faculty, staff, or students.

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Authority: Chancellor

Responsible Office: Business Affairs

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