Food Service Policy

University Policy: 

Any time a meeting space is reserved on campus (see University Policy 601.6) and food is to be served or consumed, the following guidelines must be followed.

  1. All commercially prepared food (with the exception noted below) must be prepared by the food service company under contract to the University, hereinafter referred to as the food service vendor. Commercially prepared food means food items which are prepared by a commercial establishment.
  2. Special low-cost menus are available to affiliated groups. Arrangements for such meals should be made by the affiliated group with the food service vendor. A menu of such low-cost meals will be prepared and distributed to affiliated groups at the beginning of each semester. Generally, the affiliated group will be required to pick up the food, provide for serving the food, provide eating utensils and plates, return serving dishes to the food service vendor and meet other such conditions that might be specified by the vendor.
  3. Covered dish functions, in which the food is prepared by individuals rather than commercial establishments, are allowed.
  4. Picnics (for which there is no admissions charge) sponsored by a recognized affiliated group, are allowed with the affiliated group having the option of purchasing food from the food service vendor or treating them as covered dish functions. 
  5. Prepackaged items (such as potato chips and pretzels) and brown bag lunches are permissible.
  6. The only exception to the above is the International Festival which takes place annually on UNC Charlotte's campus.


Revision History: 

Initially approved August 27, 1985

Authority: Chancellor

Responsible Office: Business Affairs

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