Revised 407

Effective Date: 
Monday, March 10, 1997

This university policy has been revised to clarify that transient students from other institutions enrolled in courses for credit at UNC Charlotte are bound by the UNC Charlotte Code of Student Academic Integrity.

In addition, under the section on Procedures, the previous term "Student Court Justices" is replaced with "Student Hearing Panel Members."

Under the section on Appeals, the revised policy more fully sets forth the procedures for a student appealing an adverse decision by the Hearing Panel, including the requirement that the student must submit a written brief in support of the appeal, separately stating each ground upon which the student claims the Hearing Panel committed error. The revised policy also provides that upon review of the Hearing Panel's decision, the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs may, among other things, remand the case for a new hearing before a Hearing Panel composed of members of the Academic Integrity Board who have not previously participated in the case.

Finally, under the section on Advice to Faculty Members, the policy includes a reminder to faculty that intent is an element of any academic integrity offense, and a student who submits a group project containing material plagiarized by a second student in the group has not violated academic integrity unless the first student knew of the plagiarism.