Revision of Code of Student Responsibility

Effective Date: 
Monday, August 15, 2022

The Chancellor has approved interim revisions to the Code of Student Responsibility that:

  • Update terminology by replacing the term “conduct” with the term “accountability” or “behavior,” and replacing the term “sanctions” with “outcomes.”
  • Remove policies and procedures related to discrimination, discriminatory harassment, and sexual or interpersonal misconduct, which are handled under University Policy 501, NondiscriminationUniversity Policy 502, Sexual Misconduct and Interpersonal Violence; and University Policy 504, Title IX Grievance Policy.
  • Add “Alternative Resolutions” to allow for a “full spectrum” approach that includes adjudicatory and alternative resolution options for addressing behavior.
  • Add an “Outcome-Only” hearing option for cases where a student takes responsibility for their behavior, but is in disagreement with the outcomes proposed through a Mutual Resolution.
  • Consolidate all information about Student Organizations into a separate chapter.
  • Create a supplemental, detailed “Procedures for Case Resolution” to remove unnecessary detail from the Code and to provide clear information on the Accountability Process and resolution options.