UNC Charlotte Adopts UNC System General Records Retention and Disposition Schedule

In 2007, UNC President Erskine Bowles approved a general records retention and disposition schedule for the campuses within the UNC System. This UNC General Schedule is the most current source of information concerning the retention/disposition of records for the campuses. With the recent revision of UNC Charlotte’s University Policy 605.3, Retention, Disposition, and Security of University Records, the University Archives and Records Management Program has begun using this UNC General Schedule when it instructs campus offices about the retention and disposition of their records. For the most part this schedule supersedes previously written UNC Charlotte campus office and departmental schedules. 

The University Archives will continue to write and get approval for program specific schedules when a records series is not included in the General Schedule. Program specific schedules written for campus offices since 2004 are not affected by this change.

Two exceptions to the UNC General Schedule on the UNC Charlotte campus are personnel records and time/leave records. Instructions regarding personnel files, including search files, are covered by University Policy 101.8, Personnel Records. Retention and disposition instructions for time/leave records (SHRA/EHRA) are issued by the Human Resources Department.

Questions about the UNC General Schedule and how it affects your office may be addressed to the University Archivist, Katie Howell.