Tuition Privileges for Certain Faculty and Staff

University Policy: 
Executive Summary: 

Full-time faculty and staff members are eligible for a waiver of tuition and fees during periods of normal employment, not to exceed three courses per year, provided that the courses do not interfere with normal employment obligations.

Section 1: University of North Carolina Policy

In accordance with NC General Statute 116-143(d), the Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina has enacted a policy (1000.2.2) and the President of the University has issued administrative regulations (1000.2.2.1[R]) governing the waiver of tuition and fees for certain faculty and staff members within the University of North Carolina. The policy and regulations permit a constituent institution to waive tuition and fees for such faculty and staff members for up to three courses per year, at the discretion of the constituent institution. In accordance with the policy and regulations, the term “year” shall mean an academic year of fall semester, spring semester, and the summer sessions that follow.

Section 2: UNC Charlotte Policy

This University Policy incorporates the definitions and limitations in the policy and regulations referenced in Section 1 above. Eligible faculty and staff members employed by The University of North Carolina at Charlotte may have tuition and fees waived for up to three UNC Charlotte for-credit academic courses per year. No more than two of the three courses permitted each year may be taken during any single semester, and not more than one of the three courses may be taken during any single summer instructional period (first summer session, second summer session, and other periods of instruction falling between spring commencement and the first day of classes for the following fall semester).

For any course to be approved under this University Policy:

  1. the applicant must meet Board of Governors employment and eligibility requirements which currently stipulates participation is limited to employees who are in permanent positions and regularly scheduled to work 30 hours or more each week, 9 months of the year or longer,
  2. the applicant must be academically eligible to enroll in the pertinent course and there must be space available in the course,
  3. the applicant’s department chair or department head must certify that such enrollment will not interfere with satisfactory performance of normal employment obligations, and
  4. the applicant must continue their permanent employment status for the entire semester during which the course is taken, and is required to complete the full schedule of normal work obligations.  Upon termination or other changes in employment status, which would make the employee ineligible under this policy or the Board of Governor’s Policy or Regulations, the employee will be billed for the tuition and fees for the entire semester unless they have officially withdrawn from the class within the time frame designated by the University. 

While summer school courses for academic credit are eligible for tuition waiver, no other for-credit or not-for-credit courses that are receipt-supported are eligible for such waiver without the advance written approval of the Provost. 

UNC Charlotte faculty and staff members seeking to enroll in courses at campuses other than UNC Charlotte are advised that certain UNC system campuses may not waive tuition and fees for summer session courses.  Faculty and staff members’ eligibility for tuition privileges are subject to the rules of the individual institutions.

Section 3: Implementation

The Chancellor is authorized to issue regulations to implement this Policy.
Revision History: 
  • Initially approved April 10, 1978
  • Revised October 13, 1997
  • Revised June 7, 2002
  • Revised May 26, 2003
  • Revised by the Board of Trustees December 11, 2006
  • Revised December 17, 2009
  • Revised October 2, 2014
  • Updated July 19, 2021

Authority: Board of Trustees

Responsible Office: Business Affairs

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