Organizational Charts

University Policy: 

1. Policy Statement and Purpose

This policy establishes procedures for the issuance and review of University organizational charts and their inclusion on the University web site maintained by the Office of Institutional Research, the official repository of University organizational charts.

Organizational charts are designed to indicate division structure and reporting relationships between divisions, administrators, and directors of major areas. The graphical representation of these relationships makes it easier to visualize how information, decisions, and policy discussions are developed, transmitted, and shared within the University.

An organizational chart is an accepted method to show these relationships for audit and accreditation purposes, to share with sponsoring agencies which provide funds to the University, and to fulfill internal and external requests for information about the overall organizational structure of the University. A chart that shows reporting relationships is also required for human resources and budgetary decisions, and is vital in discussions of reorganization issues and understanding administrative processes.

2. Procedures

To ensure consistency, all organizational charts should follow the guidelines established by the Office of Institutional Research and should include hyperlinks to associated divisions. Organizational charts should provide a graphical representation of the division organization, ensuring that reporting relationships, titles, and names are current and clearly depicted. All major units/departments within divisions should be shown on the charts.

3. Roles and Responsibilities

The Chancellor and Vice Chancellors are responsible for issuing current and accurate organizational charts for the University’s governing structure and divisions. This responsibility includes review, maintenance, and updates of these organizational charts as they occur, and at least annually by September 1 of each year.

The Office of Institutional Research is responsible for issuing annual calls to the Chancellor and Vice Chancellors to review and update their divisions’ organizational charts in sufficient time prior to September 1 of each year. The Chancellor and Vice Chancellors, or their designees, are responsible for (a) ensuring the accuracy of any revisions to organizational charts for their divisions, and (b) delivering updated charts electronically to the Office of Institutional Research for inclusion on its website. 


Revision History: 

Initially Approved: May 8, 2015

Authority: Chancellor

Responsible Office: Academic Affairs

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