2019 Legal Symposium

The Division of Institutional Integrity held its annual legal symposium on Thursday, October 24, 2019 in the SAC salons. See session descriptions and handouts below.


Session Descriptions
9:00 – 10:15 Session One (plenary)

Chancellor Search Committee Listening Forum. 

Jesh Humphrey, Vice Chancellor for Institutional Integrity and General Counsel, members of the Chancellor Search Committee, and representatives of Storbeck/Pimentel & Associates.

The Chancellor’s Search Committee is seeking YOUR input on the qualifications UNC Charlotte wants and needs in our next Chancellor. Attend and provide the Search Committee with your perspective on questions such as:

  • What are the key issues, challenges, or opportunities facing UNC Charlotte?
  • What kinds of experiences, skills, and attributes should the next Chancellor have?
  • What do you think should be the top priority of UNC Charlotte's next chancellor?

Your feedback will be utilized by the Search Committee to craft the “leadership statement” used to advertise the Chancellor position publicly and to provide candidates information about UNC Charlotte and the position.

10:25 – 11:10 Session Two (choose one)

2A. Getting Out the Message Without Getting Into Trouble: Copyright on Campus.

Brad Trahan, Assistant General Counsel, and Kate Dickson, Copyright and Licensing Librarian.

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Do you use webpages, flyers, videos, or presentations to grab the attention of students, faculty members, or community members? Join the speakers in a discussion on how copyright law intersects with those activities and other aspects of your daily work lives. This session highlights the Copyright Act's applicability to UNC Charlotte faculty and staff in both the academic and professional spaces. We will review the Copyright Act, fair use, the Visual Artists Rights Act, and UNC Charlotte policy. We will also go through a series of interactive examples based on cases we see here and on college campuses around the country.

2B. Faculty Briefing: New and Revised Academic Programs - Navigating SACSCOC, U.S. Department of Education and UNC System Requirements Successfully.

Susan Burgess, Chief Compliance Officer; Christine Robinson, Executive Director, Accreditation and Assessment; Johnna Watson, Associate Dean for Graduate Enrollment Management and Funding; Bruce Blackmon, Director, Office of Financial Aid; Jody Cebina, Director, Distance Education & Summer School; and Leslie Zenk, Assistant Provost.

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This briefing will provide an overview of the interplay between SACSCOC, U.S. Department of Education and UNC System requirements and their impact upon the approval of new academic programs and changes to existing ones. The session will cover recent changes to the course and curriculum review process, the basics of “substantial change,” how “significant departure” is determined, and considerations for establishing new off-campus instructional sites. The panelists will offer advice on the timing of submissions and the use of “backward planning” so faculty may avoid unnecessary approval delays.

11:20 – 12:05 Session Three (choose one)

3A. It might be . . . it could be . . . is it a public record? An Insider’s Guide to Classifying Documents in Your Workspace.

Tina Dadio, University Public Records Officer/Legal Specialist, and Amanda Simpson, Paralegal.

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In this session we will provide an overview of what documents are considered public records. After the session you will have an awareness of what forms of communication are subject to public records law and be able to better classify documents in your area pursuant to our university records retention and disposition policy. Resources will be provided as a reference when organizing and managing your workspace.

3B. What to Expect (from UNC Charlotte) When Students Are Expecting: Where Title IX Meets the ADA.

Michelle Reinken, Title IX Coordinator, and Gena Smith, Director of Disability Services.

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This session will provide guidance on serving and supporting pregnant and parenting students while being mindful of navigating the nuances of Title IX and Disability Services implications in the classroom. Special attention will be given to addressing documentation, accommodations, and resources.

1:00 – 1:45 Session Four (choose one)

4A. Whose Byline is it Anyway? A Discussion of UNC Charlotte’s Role in Promoting and Supporting Faculty Scholarship.

Sam Sears, Associate Vice Chancellor and Deputy General Counsel; T'Ajai Carrington, Legal Fellow; Karen Cox, Professor of History; and Lisa Rasmussen, Associate Professor of Philosophy.

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The panelists will address the intersection of faculty publications and public scholarship with the University’s copyright policies, academic freedom policies, the North Carolina Public Records Act, and the North Carolina Tort Claims Act (which governs defense and indemnity of state employees). The discussion will focus on the importance of balancing faculty autonomy over their own scholarship with institutional promotion and support of that scholarship.

4B. Risky Business: How Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Promotes Certainty in Uncertain Times.

Steven Dunham, Chief Risk Officer.

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Steven will demonstrate how the application of fundamental ERM principles will help UNC Charlotte make progress on strategic goals, align institutional resources, and enhance organizational transparency with respect to complex and vexing subject areas. Campus safety and security will be used as a case study to demonstrate the value of applying ERM principles to existing processes and executive reporting.

1:55 – 2:40 Session Five (choose one)

5A. ICYMI (and Even If You Didn’t): Highlights of the New Code of Student Academic Integrity.

Amy Kelso, Senior Associate General Counsel; Bruce Long, Chair of the Academic Integrity Board; Kaela Lindquist, Associate Director of Student Conduct & Academic Integrity; and Laura Bizzell, Assistant Director of Student Conduct & Academic Integrity.

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Faculty members and academic advisors should join the panelists for an adaptation of their recent legal training session. They will discuss the latest revisions to the Code of Student Academic Integrity, focusing on a review of prohibited academic misconduct and the new facilitated resolution option, and answering your burning questions about the academic misconduct process.

5B. You Need to Calm Down: UNC Charlotte’s Role In Responding to Controversial Speakers.

Jesh Humphrey, Vice Chancellor for Institutional Integrity and General Counsel.

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This session will explore fundamental First Amendment principles relating to offensive speech and what the university can do to fulfill its promise to promote a “robust intellectual environment that values social and cultural diversity and free expression.” The conversation will explore several illustrative case studies, including some from right here on campus.

2:50 – 3:35 Session Six (choose one)

6A. In Loco Parentis or Just Plain Loco? The University’s Changing Legal Relationship with its Students.

Sarah Edwards, Associate General Counsel.

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In this session, we will discuss hazing, suicide, criminal activity, and other harmful student behavior as well as what role the university can and should be playing both to support its students and to minimize institutional liability. Several recent cases, from the courtroom and from the press room, will provide examples to guide the discussion.

6B. Operation Varsity Blues: Lessons Learned and the Legal Landscape.

Jeff Jensen, Senior Associate General Counsel, and Claire Kirby, Director of Undergraduate Admissions.

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The speakers will discuss the facts and circumstances surrounding the recent college admissions bribery scandal and present lessons learned for UNC Charlotte. The presentation will also review the legal standards for higher education admissions and discuss admissions standards and programmatic decision-making practices at UNC Charlotte and elsewhere.

3:45 – 4:30 Q&A: It’s Your Turn to Stump the Experts!