The Office of Legal Affairs provides guidance to departments and units across campus regarding the laws, regulations and University policies that govern the University’s relationship with its employees.  The Office of Legal Affairs supports departments seeking counsel related to a wide array of Employment law issues, including but not limited to establishing, managing, and ending the employment relationship; administering nondiscrimination policies and procedures; implementing the reasonable accommodation process for employees with disabilities; issuing employee discipline; ensuring compliance with wage and hour laws; administering employee leave; and pursuing visas for international employees.  The Office of Legal Affairs is also available to help develop and deliver educational training to campus constituents regarding Employment laws, regulations, and policies.

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Academic Freedom


Affirmative Action & Diversity


Conflicts of Interest & Commitment

Discrimination & Harassment

Domestic/Workplace Violence

EHRA Non-Faculty Employees

Faculty Issues

First Amendment Issues

Political Activity

Reappointment, Promotion, & Tenure

SHRA Employees

Student Employees/Postdocs

Workplace Investigations & Whistleblower Issues